Monday, January 10, 2005


Well spent most of the night in custody following a very short pursuit and decamp (where the offenders run away)

Spotted a car that was parked up and had 3 blokes inside, so we decided to turn around to have a chat. The subject car (note the term subject not suspect!) decided to drive away with no lights on, nowt too dodgey really so my driver put on the blues so it could be stopped. The driver decided not to stop and try a dodgey overtake without sucess and was forced to pull back in directly infront of our car. Now he couldent really get past the 2 cars in front so turned a corner and stopped.

The driver got out of the car and walked towards the driver side of the panda, then ran away.

I gave chase shouting the obligatory, STOP WHERE YOU ARE. He carried on running and turned into a cul de sac. I shouted again saying STOP WHERE YOU ARE OR IM GOING TO BATON YOU! he tried to climb a fence where i took the oportunity to inform the man that he was nicked for theft of motor vehicle (wasn't shown as stolen on PNC but the keeper may not know its stolen yet). He decided to aggressivly move towards me prompting me to inform him not to be so silly and i racked my baton. He stupidly said "if you hit me ill hit you back" quite how he was going to get off the floor after being whacked by a big metal stick i dont know.

He then tried to find another route of escape.

I had enough of this so drew my CS gas and told him if he didnt come with me i would gas him. Which had the desired effect. I followed him back towards my crew mate who had chased the 2 passengers as they had made off too. He was cuffed and cautioned and gave the token "im going to fuckin nut you" reply. He was doubled up, lobbed into the rear of the panda with a bit of force and then escorted to the nick.

He then spent the evening swearing at me and arguing even though he was 3 times the drink drive limit.

He was still locked up when i left as he didnt want a duty solicitor and demanded to see his own, whose name he didnt know nor the phone number!

What a dickhead!

There was a second pursuit too that evening with another crew chasing, nicked motor.. Unfortuneately they got away and burnt the car out in a nearby field. Its not often we get persuits in our area seems like tonight we were targeting the right cars to stop, which will mean we will target anything that draws my attention for the foreseable future as you realise how many motors you drive past that may be nicked or a drunk, disqual or uninsured drivers we dont pull in.

But it baffles me why some people dont stop and try to get away as to be honest alot of peeps could talk their way out of trouble. As the reason we wanted to speak with this driver was because:
A) 3 males in an old car in a expensive area.
B) Driver advoids eye contact with us.
C) Parked up where cars are not usually parked up.

All we wanted to do was see what they were up to.

Guy's inteligence obvioulsy skipt an inbread generation as per his "Ill hit you back" comments and trying to escape when in handcuffs and 2 officers holding both arms.

If you have ever felt the weight of a baton you would know it will hurt and at the end of the day why fight when your opponent has a big metal stick and you have nothing.

Needless to say he was woken up by custody staff for regular checks in the cells. And stupidly told the SGT that he was going to spain the next day... I think the term "REFUSED BAIL" comes to mind... he was also wanted on locate trace in another area for an assault which means obtain current details!

I think he will be in custody for a while.
Then taken to the next avaliable court and banned,
Then fined for the public order offences and fail to stop.
Probably bailed for the Theft.

A cracking night and result for me.
A real shit night for the inbread chav scum that plagues the streets nicking motors, disqual driving, driving uninsured and a host of other offences.

I am now going to bed, in my own bed, in my own house after a can of beer and a bacon sarnie.
He is still in a cell. With all the lights on, Possible get an allday breakfast.

I love my job.
What i joined up for, to chase the bad guys and get em in the nick!

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Whahey! One up for the good guys!

Nice one mate