Friday, January 07, 2005

A 0630am job

Why when i am on nights do people decide to get hurt, have fights etc half hour before im due off duty??

We had a slow night with not a great deal happening, lots of procative patroling as its called by the powers that be. So slow in fact my crewmate felt too tired to drive (i am a non driver) so we decided to go back to the nick so my crewmate could have a hot drink and wake up a bit incase of any immediates that came in.
The early turn had just started to arrive for work so we began unloading the cars and writing off any jobs we had delt with when the dreaded call comes in

"Any unit avaliable for an immediate, male being chased by people carrying samari swords, he has escaped from a location where his 2 friends are currently being held and robbed at knife point, a gun has been seen"

So off the shift goes, all units call up and make on immediate.

Few mins later an ARV is dispatched along with a dog unit and the helicopter is called (well tried to but they didnt answer the phone!) And we all pile in to an address to see 2 males with injuries consistant with a good pasting and knife cuts.

The homeowner tell us that these males had tried to rob his house holding the occupants and knife point but they were over powered. the 2 males were arrested but were really glad to see us! Aparently a 3rd male had escaped from the address.

The 3rd male was the one that called the police! and he was subsiquently arrested by armed police!

And to top it all off, the third male had driven to the scene with the other 2 for a party in a nicked motor.

Try working that one out!

Seems a bit of vigalanti style justice was being administered as the 2 suspects were being robbed in return for them trying to rob the home owners!

Who knows, i got off late and couldent sleep with thanks to the people living above me playing loud music during the day. Which was swiftly resolved by switching the power off to their flat!

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