Friday, January 07, 2005

Another 0630 Job + Nutters

Not as bad as the other night, but there were more weirdos calling up for our help.

1 male was being chased by 2 males in balaclavas when we arrived there was no sign of any suspects and the aggrieved was pissed up and had taken drugs, he was in a bit of a state to be honest but there were no actual crimes being commited. The aggd had previously reported to us the night before that he had been beated up and punched in the throat by a known suspect and ran to the police station whislt being chased by the suspect.

When he was spoken to it transpired he had no injuries, and arrived at the police station by car!?!?!

We also had a burglary in progress which we attended and saw a male that INITIALLY matched the description, height, clothing and build. This male had a wallet that he said was not his, great we thought we got ourselves a burglar.

Later transpired that he was the wrong colour as we had an asian male and the suspect was white. Our male also had mental problems so he panicked when he saw us and panicked when we asked questions which lead to his arrest.

So we were about to release him when another call comes in saying a male with a knife had been causing problems at a train station. This male exactly matched the description of the male we had. He was searched and no knife found, after some messing about we really had no grounds to hold him and due to his condition we decided to give him a lift home. But the male then tells us he lives some 50 miles away in another force area! Great, an hour and a half later we returned to the force area.

At 0620 ish we were back at the nick and thinking nah lets not empty the car just in case, and sure as night is black a call comes in.... "A vehicle has left the road and is in a ditch" great off we trott only to be redeployed to an immediate alot further away. "A tree has totally blocked a road" so we redeploy, get to the scene and there is no tree.

What a night! And now its a friday night when its been quiet the past few weeks so something is bound to go off!.

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