Saturday, January 08, 2005

Crew Oscar - Nights.

Well, 1st night shift crewed by myslef as a proactive unit in an unmarked car.

This turned out to be a bit of a pain as there were cars i would like to have stopped but were unnable to as i did not have any blue lights, so i had to resort to folowing them untill they stopped somewhere which was interesting.

Luckily managed to follow 1 vehicle into a petrol station forecourt as he had previously overtaken me down the high street and was driving like a nutter, No tax so has been reported for that, advice and producer given.

Had a chat with a few dodgey peeps that were stop checked and there was 1 guy that i would have liked to arrest but the lack of a working TETRA radio network meant i did not have any way of calling up for another unit to aid in the arrest and transport.

Assisted in several area searches ranging from groups of youths fighting to a cow in the road. And assisted a dog unit in making arrests following a fight where the door staff had been CS gassed.

Not a bad night but would have been improved with the following:

1) A working radio system so i could PNC cars and people and call for assistance.
2) A marked car to aid in stopping cars.
3) A crewmate bearing in mind that i was in a dodgey area where groups of people were congrigating and have no hesitation in giving a good kicking to officers who are either special police officers or single crewed.

So for the night i did the following in summary:

1) Covered 135 miles on patrol over 8 hrs driving and 1 hr rest stop.
2) Assisted in arrest of 2 males following a fight with CS gas. ( Good result)
3) Issued a producer (HORT/1) to an errant driver. (Silly boy shouldent have overtaken me at speed in a high street)
4) Reported a driver for driving with no road tax. (As a result of 3)
5) Area search for group of youths who reportedly were abusive to a homeowner. (No Trace)
6) Area search for a suspect vehicle carrying a male who had assulted someone. (No Trace)
7) Area search for a possible DIC (Drunk in charge) Driver after a Crash. (1 arrested)
8) Area search for a cow. (Moo Moo kind) (No Trace)
9) Assisted in a report of a fight. 1 person stop checked. (She didnt apreciate it too much as it was cold and windy!)
10) Stop checked 2 males, following them possibly tampering with a phone box who shuffled off when they saw the yellow jacket. (Was a knobend who needed arresting, no doubt we will meet again! you can be sure of that!)
11) Helped a drunken person into a taxi. (Almost appreciated but the boyfriend was a bit gobby)
12) Ate a cinamon whirl and a twix with a cup of tea. (Nice but tesco did not have anything else)
13) Be totally unappreciated by the general public. (Pretty much the norm)
14) Advoided alot of fallen down trees. (Because i didnt want to crash and try and expain it away!)

We shall see what the next night brings as im off to bed, luckily im comming in early to deal with outstanding paperwork and get it all up to date, then go back reactive for the funny hours, Hopefully with a working Radio!

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