Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Grrrrr SDU

Why do i always have to become ill when i'm on my long weekend! Glad of the rest though to be honest, im going to have a hectic week or two i think. You know when you just get "that" feeling that everything is going to go wrong!

Thing with the police is, when you are away be it on sick or holiday, nothing changes in the workload. It just stays there getting smellier and older with whinging MOP's leaving voicemails for you. Not that it ever enters their minds that you may actually have a life outside the police and dont work 24hrs a day just for them.

Crime investigation can take some time. Sometimes you are relying on others to provide information to you to be able to progress the case further (if anyone has worked with the met then you will know what i mean when you ask them to do something for you!)

Hopefully ill be tasked with the SDU tomorow (service delivery unit) where you are allocated crimes to deal with. These are the ones that do not require police attendance and can be crimed slow time. Quite why it has to be apolice officer i dont know. There are pleanty of civilians out there who can do the same thing and dont need police powers to do this job.

As it will give me some time to try and progress some of my jobs while trying to not crime the allocated crimes as i could do without the crap in my docket as its taken me ages to get it down to a manageable level.

Half of me likes rushing round dealing with immediates, the other half is quite happy to sit and do my own work. I think that i could do with the time to recover from this cold and progress my cases.

I may be getting half sensible in my old age!

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Back to shift

First 3 shifts since comming back from my 3 week course went quite well really.

All sorts of new procedures had been introduced locally since i left for the 3 weeks. The shift has been split as we need to loose a number of people to make up a new shift, A few of them i get on with really well, others i was not that fussed about but would be sad to see them go. At least its not me thats leaving because i think i do quite well with the sgts and the team we have at my station.

No one seems sure as to when they will be leaving, was rumoured to be June but that may have changed. When they leave a new shift pattern will be introduced which at first glance looks like a nightmare. 11hr early shifts! I hate earlies so that didnt go down well, but at least we now get 2 weekends off in 5 rather 1 weekend in 4.

So i came back to 2 nights and 1 quickswing shift before my long weekend.

Straight out of briefing me and my crewmate get given a handover from the previous shift. Offender in custody, needs interviewing and documenting if necessary. A bit of a weird interview as the social worker seemed to do most of the questioning for me, but the offender (a juvanile involved in a domestic) admitted everything and gave reasons why he did what he did. Bit of a shame for him really as he gets grief from his parents and seems to be wound up by them as well causing his outbursts.

He was bailed for RJU intervention and hopefully will get a final warning. Im not often soft on people but didnt think having him in front of the mags would do him any good. That was all the "action" for the first night.

The second night i was in early to do some paperwork and come 10pm i was out and about on my own. Was very slow night untill about 1am ish when a call comes in "Domestic incident, both parties in a car have driven off arguing and shouting, driver possibly DIC". I toddle off looking for them thinking by the time i get there they will be long gone as i had about 15 miles to cover to get to the location.

Lo and behold the vehicle and occupants are parked on the side of the road. I turn around they get out of the car and start walking away. I soon cut them off as another car was making to the location. I ask the male the usuall questions and he is pissed as anything. The next unit arrives and i tell them that he was in the driving seat and smells of booze. He gets breathalised and nicked as he went straight to fail. He protests he wasnt the driver and wasnt in the drivers seat. (makes no odds to me i know what i saw). The female says she was the driver but im not having any of that.

Load him into the car and the female says "YOU CANT FUCKING ARREST HIM" i warn her about her language saying ill arrest her if she swears at me again. The class reply "OK THEN FUCK OFF!" so i nick her. Another detection! He blows double the limit and gets charged.

On quick swing i kind of got stitched as someone was bailed back to me that was wanted. So i had a mad rush to get CPS advice to charge for the original offence and assault police that he commited when he was nicked 2 weeks ago.

Yay oh Yay CPS say charge. Great first time for everything. My guy turns up and gets charged for the original assault and assault police. 1 Detection from January and 1 New one for this month.

Hopefully in my first 3 days back on shift i get 3 detections for May and 1 going back to January. So according to the standards i dont have to get any more this month! But hopefully i will.

So on my long weekend now trying to buy a house before the long run of earlies and lates.

Im going to try and do a tally month by month of arrests and detections.
So here we go:
2 Arrests
2 Detections
1 Bailed for caution (2 detections in this hopefully that ill split with my crewmate)

Monday, May 09, 2005

Im Back!

Well i have already typed this once and am not going to retype it again! Thanks EBlogger for deleting the text!

In summary.

Not posted for ages due to me tidying up paperwork before i left on a 3 week residential course at the force traing center where i learnt some good new stuff but got retaught lots of information i didnt need. 9 - 5 hours, being bored in a classroom. In the evenings it was cold, did some paperwork and then down the bar after eating a average meal provided by the caterers.

Im back on shift now for 2 nights and a quick swing so hopefully will be back to have some fun and do the job im paid to do rather than sit in a classroom all day being bored.

And hopefully have some good things to post about.