Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Grrrrr SDU

Why do i always have to become ill when i'm on my long weekend! Glad of the rest though to be honest, im going to have a hectic week or two i think. You know when you just get "that" feeling that everything is going to go wrong!

Thing with the police is, when you are away be it on sick or holiday, nothing changes in the workload. It just stays there getting smellier and older with whinging MOP's leaving voicemails for you. Not that it ever enters their minds that you may actually have a life outside the police and dont work 24hrs a day just for them.

Crime investigation can take some time. Sometimes you are relying on others to provide information to you to be able to progress the case further (if anyone has worked with the met then you will know what i mean when you ask them to do something for you!)

Hopefully ill be tasked with the SDU tomorow (service delivery unit) where you are allocated crimes to deal with. These are the ones that do not require police attendance and can be crimed slow time. Quite why it has to be apolice officer i dont know. There are pleanty of civilians out there who can do the same thing and dont need police powers to do this job.

As it will give me some time to try and progress some of my jobs while trying to not crime the allocated crimes as i could do without the crap in my docket as its taken me ages to get it down to a manageable level.

Half of me likes rushing round dealing with immediates, the other half is quite happy to sit and do my own work. I think that i could do with the time to recover from this cold and progress my cases.

I may be getting half sensible in my old age!

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