Monday, July 18, 2005

Been a long time

Hi all,
Been away for a long time it seems. Since my last post i have lost my broadband due to a house move so this is one of the first times i have been able to use dial up access to the net.

Things have changed somewhat since i last posted. The shift has been reduced, a new shift pattern has been introduced and i have been fighting to get on a response driving course which according to the training manager "ITS MY PRIORITY TO GET PEOPLE ON COURSES" hmm well in a month we will have all of 2 response drivers for the police area. Nothing like a bit of pressure.

A quick summary of the past 2 months.

Most of June i was off due to a house move and various planned trips so i was only at work for half the month so i didnt really get to do alot and it was a slow month for crime for some reason. We were on occasion driving for 8 hrs and not getting deployed to any jobs.

July so far has gone mad. Last week of nights meant we were attending jobs from when we booked on till when we finished.. We ran 3 police officers per shift manning 2 cars. i Managed to get asaulted effecting an arrest (my skipper took the brunt) and i fell through a building. Made lots of arrests and got alot of detections for the crew. I think since the start of the month my shift has had about 30 detections and 40 odd arrests. To say its been mad is an understatement. Seems like summer and beer has finally arried as alcohol has played a large part in the arrests. As well as the little brats off school hanging around damaging stuff for fun. It seems so far we have been in the right place at the right times.

Will give a better update shortly.

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