Friday, October 21, 2005

3 Weeks and I'm back on shift.

Well my 3 week driving course has been completed. I had what is called a crosscheck on Thursday which is when basically instructors swap cars and assess each others crews.

fortunately for me I passed the first crosscheck with no problems which was a relief. I end the course with a good recommendation that I am suitable for advanced training which is a bonus as I want to do Advanced Driving courses and eventually join RPD (Roads Policing Department).

I got a bit of crap while I was away but nowhere near as much as when I did my stage 6 course which has kind of made my decision for me. I was usually of the opinion that I want to stay on shift for a good few years then go into RPD hopefully, now with everything that's been going on such as moving goalposts I have pretty much decided I'm going to apply as soon as I see a vacancy.

I cant believe that I worked so hard to get my docket down to manageable levels and keep on top of my investigations only to be shit on by AIMT who have changed the rules yet again. Meaning I now need to do a lot of irrelevant stuff to get a job filed. Which pisses me off no end especially with shitty comments "you have breached CPIA by not doing this!!" well I didn't breach it last bloody time did I but now apparently I am.


Well to AIMT I kind of have to say, what goes around comes around policing goes in circles. You may be the big thing now but next year you will be back on shift or doing some other menial back stabbing job which involves never leaving the nick and staring at a computer screen. Why the hell did you join the police?? I don't know anyone who joined the police and said "yeah I want to join the police to sit behind a desk everyday and never go out!!!!"

Roll on a vacancy on RPD in the mean time ill be doing my best to get noticed by them, do as much traffic stuff as possible and try and have as much fun as I can with my new found ability (or permit) to use blues and 2's.

Job gets you down some times but I like proving points just to be able to say "FCUK YOU" I am better than you lot whom sit at a desk criticizing all officers.

Ahhh Rant over!

Roll on Hell week of nights but thats another rant!!!

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Blue Lights

Well into my second week of learning to drive response cars. Started off driving a marked car learning the principles and practicing Roadcraft (Which is a book about safe driving).

There is a fair bit to learn and its a different driving style and depending on how you drive and how long you have been driving for can be difficult or easy.

But its a good way of driving which stands us in good stead for driving response.

I have had good fun driving so far even though the majority has been below speed limits as there is alot to practise and get right before we can get to drive response. It has been handy being excempt from national speed limits so if there is a national then there is no limit for us.

Did my first blue light run the other day through quite a busy town which was interesting. Made a few mistakes but none which compramised the safety of the car or anyone else. But its the first time of blue lights really so didnt do too badly, hopefully it will improve and come together over the next few days.

Found out today that when i pass the course i am entitled to become a member of the Institute Of Advanced Motorists (IAM) without taking the tests as my training i am recieveing now is exceeding the level they test at. Which is good as i can get a discount on my car insurance!

Roadcraft From Amazon