Thursday, September 15, 2005


I have just noticed how long it has been since i last posted an update. The reason being i have been without broadband and as such too lazy to do it on dial up since moving house, but eventually BT got the soldering iron out and got me some fast(er) internet after 4 months of waiting.

Well since my last update things have pretty much been the same. Except for a nasty new shift pattern - some nasty people and bombs and a few major incidents.

I finally managed to get on top of my paperwork and seem to be doing OK and keeping on top of it but i suspect as i am off on a 3 week course soon it may start to build up again.

Yes another course... but this one will autherise me to drive cars in a response manor ie blues and 2's which i have been waiting for it feels like forever.

These seem to be comming more prevelant over the past few months. We were kind of complacent about actually comming face to face with one as its not common for someone to pull a knife on police. Me and a crewmate were talking about the recent Thames Valley knife murders in Wokingham saying that we wern't really aware of what could happen because we had become complacent. She had not been challenged with a knife or was at close quarters with one and neither had I.

Well that was like saying "its a quiet shift isnt it".

We went to a job where a kid was being a bully to his grandparents, few offences but the grandfolks were really scared of him. We attend and do the paperwork as mateyboy had left.

A short while after we leave mateyboy returns and the grandparents go upstairs and lock themselves in the bedroom and call police.

We reattend and gain entry by climbing fences etc as he didnt want to open the door to us.

We both walk into the kitchen (worst place to make an arrest due to potential weapons) and approach the guy. He goes to grab a knife, we grab him and lob him to the floor following a struggle i get punchd and crewmate gets kicked he gets his head put to the floor and arested. The guy was really strong as he was influenced by drugs we thing.

We although we got the job done it brought a reality home. A young lad actually went for a knife and it was only because of the talk me and my crewmate had that morning that we saw and dealt with the threat otherwise we may not have been aware of the attempt to get the knife and it could have been so very different.

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