Friday, September 23, 2005

Slow nights

So far this week we have had a Q set of nights, We get spells like this every once in a while but tonight its Friday Night and has the makings of a potentially bust shift seeing as the numbers of people out in the evening was relatively low.

We expect a traveller wedding tonight in one of our towns which could be interesting especially if anyone gets in their way whom arnt expecting them. Imagine little johnny out on the beer and decides hes billy big potatoes. Shoots off at the mouth and gets battered because he thinks hes bigger than he is.

Could happen quite easily with the muppets on my area.

Well, only this night shift and 2 late shifts them im done for a while, Off for a week then on a course for 3 weeks or so getting my response driving ticket.

I need a break from shift as its been ages since i have been away, not taken holiday yet because of the downsides of taking leave. If im away then my jobs dont get progressed, if my jobs dont get progressed then i get moaned at by management or more to the point the AIM team who oversee our active investigations. Who seem to think that by remotely looking at our investigations on the computer they know whats best. Not taking into account other jobs that we attend throughout the shift.

Why has this burglary not been completed yet?

Because i am awaiting witness details from the attacked company?

Why have you not chased them?

I wrote to them asking for the details, they have yet to provide them.

This is not acceptable, chase them for the details.

I am on lates and nights how can i chase a company?

Come in early to chase them?

I suggest if they dont give me the details then its not important to them and if they cant be bothered to give me what i need then why should i bother chasing them?

Ahh burocracy, dont you just love it!

Roll on the 3 weeks off, but having said that ill have a loads of crap when i get back.

Why has this job not been progressed?

Because i was in a car from 9 - 5 driving response.

This is not acceptable you were working so should be progressing your enquiries.

Just cant win sometimes!

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