Friday, January 07, 2005

Mad Day

Work was interesting, my list of things achieved this shift:

1) Woman claims husband beat her up, called police to remove him... real story .... he locked himself in bedroom after a barney and she wanted to use that bed to sleep thus called the police so she could sleep in the bed, not the sofa. (this happened sunday am) . Not exactly in line with DVU policy who pretty much state arrest him as she is obviuosly the victim and we must take positive action. Luckily for him common sense prevailed on this occasion.

2) Suspected burglary, defered for 3 days due to "victim" not being avaliable... Victim was still not avaliable today.

3) Took a victim statement for one of my old jobs just so i could get rid of the job as its a non starter. No CCTV, No witnesses, still been crimed and will be filed as undetected. Gone are the days when it was down to the officer to make a judgement call now we have to jump through hoops to get a job filed even when there is no chance of getting on offender caught!

4) Went to find a Misper from the mental "care" unit at the hospital, she had already done a runner once today and been returned, then she leaves 45 mins after her first return. Go to her house, find said woman who wont let us in, i run round back to no avalil. crewmate gets in, i run back round front and get let in. Nutter woman wont return to hospital, spend time on fone to supervisor etc to see if we have a power to use force. wait for reply..... in mean time said woman goes into a bedroom. i go into bedroom to see if said woman is still alive. Find woman with a large kitchen knife to her throat. crewmate thinks o shit she had the knife concealed on her all the time he was alone with her. I think o shit either a) fight ensues as she slits her throat, b) she goes mental and tries to do one of us or after a bit of talking by me she drops said knife, knife is removed from her range. Eventually take her back to hospital where staff says they cant use force to detain, i suggest locking the doors to prevent nutters escaping, they say they have not enuff staff, said nutter walks off, out through the secure doors and offski down the corridor closely followed by a bemused me. she is detained again. she gets sedated. Job done and a good result till she runs tomorow. This happens quite frequently from this "Care Unit" with a pretty much open door policy!

5) Deal with gobby shit who needs a slap, and thinks he knows the law (i am on my own) his mates come around giving it the gob. Said mates get lobbed into a wall by me because they got too close. male i was speaking to tried to run, male gets lobbed into said wall. Crewmate returns all get warned re their conduct, we then keep trying to wind up males so we can nick em. The joys of Section 5!

6) Close off a road due to water main bursting and idiots keep saying can we go through please... no fuck off road closed and loadsa water cant you see, as well as trying to drive around me, then around a roadblock and a police car. before getting an unimpressed me waving my arms around like a loony. By now i was at the end of the shift, cold, wet and hungry and just needed to get off duty!

Not bad for an early shift!

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