Monday, February 27, 2006


I have been off shift for just over a week now as i have been attending another course.

This one was a Tutors course, which basically a course which allows me to train new officers when they first come out of training school. So the first contact with the harsh reality of policing will be me!

Now what would you expect to be in a Tutors course???
Would it be law training to ensure you were up to date with current legislation?
Would it be Officer safety training to ensure that your self defense ability is current?
Would there be lots of role plays to test the new knowledge to ensure it was all settling in?

Well to the majority of that it would be no.

It was basically a course on how to train people which i agree will be beneficial in allowing me to recognise leaning styles and adapt my training to the level of the student, it taught me how to recognise Tutor / Tutee friction and how to resolve welfare issues, with half a days role play with a "Real" Tutee in scenarios to see if it all fitted in.

Actually as cynical as i am being here it was a good course, and for a weeks course it was quite good as it did cram alot in, it was lacking in some departments (But Hey its the Police we never do everything properly).
The test will be when i get my "New Kid" to tutor which maybe soon but again it may be months away i will have to find out but when i do get a Tutee you can guarantee that this blog will take on a whole new direction for a few weeks!


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Anonymous said...

a very similar story. atleast you get a course. the local sandford force now have people at university for 12 months and a stint of up to the massive amount of 5 weeks doing fron tline work. Now the student constable has to be assessed, signed off and agreed as competent to be INDEPENDANT. But sure enough the student returns to the front line for their second year of employment and its up to the tutor/assessor or gdb who gets pinged with no training to re-teach practical policing along with constant competancy sheets. Paperwork, a copper's favourite pasttime. And yes earlier you did read atleast you got a course, the student programme has been in for 2 years and the centre still hasn;t written the tutoring / mentoring / assessing course.