Wednesday, February 08, 2006


NCRS is the National Crime Recording Standard which was introduced to ensure all forces recorded crime accurately and crime reports were generated where appropriate. The only time where a crime report should not be generated is when:
1)There is credible evidence to suggest a crime has not happened.
2)There is a non personal crime or there is no victim.

But there could be a crime related incident which does not need a victim ie CCTV calls in and says there is a fight in the street but officers arrive and there is no one to be found. Then a crime related incident should be completed (CRI)

My force is currently telling us not to crime everything because we are recording too much crime. But frequently i am finding that a call comes in, i attend and discover that there are no actual offences. I Write the job off as no offences and carry on with my job.

I then find that someone (a civilian) has generated a crime report and i now have to investigate this as a crime. I now need to get a statement from the Aggrieved confirming that there has been no crime, and witness's statements confirming that they did not witness a crime and corroborating the Aggd's statement. I then have to secure any evidence supporting that no crime has been committed.

So basically i am investigating something that is not a crime to prove that it is not a crime. Rather than investigating an incident to get an offender and the crime detected.

So much for reducing the amount of time officers are tied up with paperwork!

So recently i have now discovered that everything we attend will be at the least a Crime Related Incident and recorded appropriately.

It has now been expanded to the drunk in the street.

Call comes in, male has been assaulted by unknown offender(s).
Male is very pissed with no injuries and tells police nah i cant be bothered with it and provides no further info.

We would have given him the Number for the job and say, look your drunk, call in the morning if you decide you want to make a complaint.

Job done.

Now we have to record it as a CRI and get an account from him at the scene and further investigate when he is sober. Seize CCTV, witness details etc.

Now catch 22. We are not allowed to get accounts from Aggd's if they are drunk if we do so we are up for a disciplinary.

Cant win now we have officers tied up on a Friday Saturday night with drunk Aggd's who don't want us there trying to generate a crime report which does not need to be crimed.
We also have out own force saying, don't crime everything unless a complaint is going to be made.
By the same token the Civilians criming everything even before we get there.

Bureaucracy at its best.



M2KB said...

Precisely why I continue to put typical Friday night jobs in as "NON-CRIME - ROWDY" rather than "CRIME - PUBLIC ORDER". It's bound to be shit. They can bollock me as many times as they like for it...

They probably will. I've recently received my 3rd 'word' on the subject. It seems thanks to Government policy I'm not allowed to be subjective in my incident receiving any more... thus by default have to generate more work for you chaps on the ground.

Stuff that.

SteveG said...

I am in no way connected with any police force or authority, I am just an ordinary "bloke in the street" (actually in my car as I sometimes don't feel too safe in the street, if you know what I mean?)

I recently had cause to call the local police as I was subject to a road rage incident - nothing spectacular but certainly warranting a call to the police. I was shocked and horrified at the amount of time and effort that was wasted taking a statement from myself - all written in longhand and then re-written (again in longhand) on the proper paper and in "statement speak" - this small incident took a police officer off the circuit for over 2 hours!

Have the senior bosses not heard of modern computers? or better still, civilian staff to take thse statements and then be signed by the officer afterwards? No wonder Daily Mail readers are up in arms at the lack of available policemen.

I seriously considered writing to my MP about this gross misuse of trained personnel, but then realised that I would be wasting my time, and nothing would be done - wish it would though

Good Luck mate