Friday, February 03, 2006

Call for CS to be withdrawn

I found this news article on the BBC news website

BBC News Report

It relates to a man in Dorset who had an adverse reaction to being sprayed with CS Spray.
He was exposed to the spray following him trying to intervene when his friend was being spoken to by police.

He had come from the pub and went to intervene with some others from the pub, somewhere along the lines he got CS'd and arrested for Public Order offences.

Any police officer can translate that into. He was drunk saw his friend being spoken to and got the arse and kicked off, CS deployed and he was arrested.

The family are going to try and claim compensation and get it banned from police use.

What a Joke, i mean we all know that CS can have adverse reaction but it doesn't get used lightly, its a defence measure.

Bottom line is if you don't want to get Hit, Sprayed or arrested then don't act in a way that will result in being hit, sprayed or arrested.

Its like the arguments for not using Taser "if you use taser on someone with a pacemaker then it may affect the heart" Well, don't do anything that could get you tasered really.

People need to accept responsibility for their actions and the resulting action. If i go into town and start abusing some drunks i expect to get punched.

Cause and effect.

Sir you DO NOT have my sympathy. I admit the adverse reaction was not pleasant, but if you had not got involved to the degree that you got sprayed then it would not have happened.

The Police are looking at Using Pava (Captor) which is alleged to be more effective against suspects but does require a direct strike to the eyes with less side effects. The only downside is that CS is capable of affecting larger groups and does not need a direct strike to the eyes.


M2KB said...

Captor is quite effective at getting large groups as well. One officer managed to incapacitate the prisoner (yay!), and 4 police bystanders. Good effort!! Direct strike most definately not required...

Anonymous said...

CS is a strange thing. when i use it it dosent affect me at all. When my oppo uses it , it completley destroys me.