Friday, March 03, 2006

Arm the Police Poll

I have created a quick Poll on arming the police, please take the time to have a quick look and vote.

It would be interesting to get peoples views on this as i have my own as do my colleagues!

Ill Post the results in a few weeks.



Should The Police Be Armed?
Yes - All Officers should carry firearms.
Yes - More officers should be authorized to carry firearms but not routinely carry.
Yes - We need more armed response vehicles but no to routine arming.
No - Because i don't trust the police with firearms.
No - Because the criminals would carry guns as well.
No - Because its breaking tradition of having non armed police officers.
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Ranger Tom said...

I still couldn't imagine heading out on patrol without being armed...

John Silver said...

I suppose with alot of our side its a case of cant imagine actually being armed,

Once day we will be able to protect ourselves and others effectively

Anonymous said...

Maybe not arm all officers but provide them with equipment to defend themselves. Bullet proof vest not just stab proof, and maybe tazer guns so they can defend themselves against an armed suspect.

John Silver said...

That would at the least be a step in the right direction, I however do not think we will be able to advoid arming in the future however.

It has been put off for far to long and now we are getting killed because a number of people have there heads up there arses.

cancelledmyself said...

Any death of a Police Officer is tragic but surely more officers are killed each year in the course of attending incidents and being involved in RTA's. Thinking back to the officers lost recently in Suffolk and Essex, RTA's, or Traffic Officers hit by other vehicles.

The thought of letting probationers loose with firearms sends a shudder down my spine. I wasn't suited to the Police, fair enough, but some that I joined with really got off on telling the old war stories about sticking people with Asp's etc. What is the alternative, "thanks for joining, but you can't have a weapon until you finish your probation.."?

Even more concerning, trying to go into a crowded nightclub or similar situation was bad enough making sure someone didn't try and pinch something off of your batbelt..

Frankly, and speaking particularly about the muscle mountain of an ex prison officer who quite honestly was a psychopath, I wouldn't have trusted some of my former colleagues with a water pistol let alone a firearm. They were dangerous enough with CS at 6 inches.

Also, with all the poostorm surrounding Mr Menezes and those Met Officers who shot the bloke with the tableleg in a carrier bag, what officer would rightly choose to carry a firearm with such a blatant lack of support from the hierachy?

I forsee lots of mistakes, inexperienced officers making rash decisions and lots of inquests, not to mention compensation cases.

Maybe the way forward is to attach an ARV per division or have Firearms Officers at each station authorised to carry firearms. Hangon, wasn't that things used to be?

Anonymous said...

I would have no hesitation in routinley carrying. Theres loads in the press about stiffer penalties for cop killers. id rather not get to that point. I would rather have the means to shoot the bastards back..