Tuesday, September 25, 2007

All Change

My last post on here was a tad negative.

Partly because i was having a bit of a mare having moved off a reactive shift onto a neighbourhood department and leaving the "security" of my shift who i had worked with for a number of years.

Quite a daunting thing really as it was the first time in my career i had left a bloody good team of people both personally and professionally with probably one of the best skippers i have worked with.

The complaint was resolved and i was basically cleared of any wrong doing. This was good for me as i suddenly realised how many people i have worked with over the years came out and supported me. I kept my head down and got on with the job and let the system do it's job as i knew regardless of the rumours i had done nothing wrong.

Not too long after the incident, i received a phone call, offering me a skippers role on the department which i obviously took and soon took on an acting rank.

This was quite weird for me as for some reason alot of people who i would not normally have access to became available to me. The amount of support was also quite a change and the higher ranks talked to me on a level rather than as a PC.

Needless to say i had a job to do and set about doing that job.

I have never been one for hiding in corners and knew although i will eventually go back to being a PC i was in rank and needed to be a sergeant. This meant some unpopular decisions which i hope wont be held against me when i am back to PC.

But it seems to be working, things changed and the department is now working as a team rather than a fragmented single existence for most of the officers.

Coming off a shift where teamwork is important to a department where it appeared that it was a individual effort rather than team was strange. And i wanted to build a team of reliable officers who i could trust.

And after about a month or so, is starting to take shape.

Only for me to leave sometime in the very near future.

It seems that my work has not gone unnoticed. Although i feel that i am just doing my job, others feel im doing more than that.

I will soon be off to shift again.

Not as a PC but as a shift skipper where i will hopefully have a team of officers to work with. Well depending on how many they want to abstract for other departments, annual leave etc!.

This will be interesting for me, i think i will try and get them working the same as my old shift, whether that works is another story!

Also if you remember i applied for roads policing for the second time.

Well i passed paper sift and have recently sat a board for the role where i hope i will get in.

Boards are strange things, in roads policing there are alot of things you need to read up on which took a great number of hours, only to briefly cover topics in a 30 minute interview.

Hopefully i did well and will be offered a role, it's hard to work out how i did really!

So potentially over a period of 3 months i will have been.

A shift PC
A Area Beat Officer.
A Neighbourhood Sgt.
A Shift Sgt
And fingers crossed, a Roads Policing PC.

Well i will know in the next 2 weeks if i did enough to get one of the jobs.

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