Wednesday, August 08, 2007


From the nightmare of a last few months working on neighbourhoods, things went downhill very quickly, which lead me to wanting to leave sector and go back to reactive on the hurry up.

But things did take a change, i had a new person to mentor who was a breath of fresh air and made me start to enjoy it again. We have been to a fair few jobs, made a good number of arrests, got some good detections and used alot of common sense when dealing with incidents.

Last months problem was moved and is being dealt with and i have been supported and cleared of any wrong doing.

So last month has been quite a positive one after 2 months of crap and left me feeling better about the job as a whole.

So, i decided to submit papers to board to be a sgt which has all been supported. Only to find out that Roads Policing are again advertising, for the area i want to work. This then leaves me with a problem..... Do i carry on to become a sgt or withdraw to apply for RPD???

I am still waiting to see if i can do both at the moment but deep down i want to do RPD and would be a fool to miss the chance of getting in after all i can board every 3 months to be a sgt and RPD doesn't come around that often and i stand quite a good chance of getting a board.

Also i had a call the other day offering me some acting for 3 months which i accepted.

So in a way things seemed to start going my way, hopefully it will continue and ill eventually get onto driving RPD cars which is ultimately what i want to do.

When things look bad, sometimes things will start to go your way, long may it continue and hopefully i wont drop the ball!

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Anonymous said...

have you seen the website

Its a supt in UK and is very good as well.

Regards and best wishes

Dave (DS in Slough)