Tuesday, September 25, 2007

100% Attendance

Not what you are thinking where we get a bonus for not going sick......

It's our policy soon that we could be attending 100% of calls into the police.

We currently attend around 30% and are run ragged!

Now they want attendance if the caller asks for it rather than if it was justified.

With no increase in staffing numbers.

I see trouble ahead.

I think the police is coming full curcle again on its 5 year turn around. You never know they may disband departments to staff shift (like they did 3 years ago).

John the cynical

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Phil Bowles said...

Dear Blogger,

I am an ex Met officer, now in my 3rd year of a full-time law degree. I have a research project underway and I really need the views of serving officers on one specific question (regarding s139 CJA 1988). I have created a small and very basic website which poses the question and allows officers to vote yes/no to the answer.

The site is http://anorhack.com (no’www’ – that’s important)

I’d be hugely grateful if you could pop a link to it on yr blog. For statistical purposes, the more replies I get, the better!


Phil Bowles