Thursday, June 22, 2006

Not alot to say really

I was off work for a couple of weeks due to some much needed annual leave where i managed to leave to UK behind for some warmer weather. But sods law i suddenly got all hot here.

I was aiming to leave the police behind as well but just before i left i was served with a Reg9 notice. (in layman's terms i had a complaint which i was to be investigated over) I cant go into too much detail but it's not a nice feeling but its a necessary evil i guess.

I came back from leave expecting to have some crap thrown at me, but it wasn't too bad. You see when an OIC goes on leave for some holiday then the investigation stops while the OIC is away. So that assault you reported last week will have nothing doing to it for a few weeks. The public seem to think that we are a team who help each other and progress crimes as a team but that is not the case. I have ownership of some 20 crime reports, that's 20 members of the public who's cases i am investigating, a similar number for each other officer on my shift.

The public assume that i work 24/7 365 days a week and am at there beckoned call, but alas i do need to eat, sleep and god forbid have some time off during the week. They phone me during the day when i am on nights, but when I'm free to return the call not too long after 2200 hours then they complain that i am disturbing them and that i should call back at a more sociable hour. Or i just don't call them back until i am on days which could be a week later and they complain that i have not returned their call.

No win situation.

We have now moved to CAPTOR or PAVA spray which is to replace CS spray. On the face of it, it seems great as its a secondary control measure and has been sold to us as "GET IN THE TRANSIT" "NO FUCK OFF" "WILL YOU COMPLY WITH MY REQUEST" "NO" then spray away. Although sounds good, it could be interesting to see what happens in court with it though.

Other than that, not a lot has really happened, but i guess i was away for a while and missed the fun of the fights in the town center a day before i get back on duty.

Hopefully something will happen soon as its getting quite depressing at work recently with everything that's been going on!

Please feel free to post comments or questions on anything.


Anonymous said...

You sound like another useless copper to me. how can you lot post waht happems on the net, even saying things about how stupid an O.AP is for not phoning "dibble" first. Hrmmm perhaps like most of the british public we dont trust or like you lot so are you guys are last to be called. Its officers like you who create this situation. BTW did you get bullied at scholl???

John Silver said...

Please feel free to post comments but if your going to post crap like that i suggest you stop hiding and get a login.

People making comments and hiding is something im used to these days.

A course in basic english may be of some use to you before getting an account to correct the spelling errors.