Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Scum Burglars

Yesterday was another interesting day for a short shift. We were sat in briefing when the first immediate job came in.


Thatll be us then. Me and my crew mate for the shift jumped into a panda, luckily i knew where the road was and we just made our way there as updates came across the radio.


We arrived moments later and cannot see an easy way in, so i checked the door and with a big kick the door goes in shattering the frame. Shouts of "POLICE" go up and we see the male lying on the floor collapsed. Ambo do there stuff and he is quickly sitting up refusing to go to hospital.

Sad thing is this guy is quite a nice lad but has a few "issues" but we manage to get him to hospital and he seems quite grateful for our help. The door is mended and we resumed.

Moments after we leave the hospital another immediate call comes in (all other units are committed with other work at this time) "ANY UNIT AVALIABLE FOR AN IMMEDIATE THEFT" We were some distance away but take the call and start making, sadly the facts that the caller gave to control room were not quite accurate and the theft was unwitnessed and happened in the past 30 mins. The offence was crimed and the necessary paperwork completed.

We get back into the car to head to the nick to tidy the paperwork up when "ANY UNIT FREE FOR AN IMMEDIATE RTC, ROAD BLOCKED"

I light the car up and start making again only to be cancelled as a roads policing unit starts to make and gets there before us.

We eventually get back to the nick when we are deployed to a couple of urgent jobs which we resolve quite quickly.

We were heading off to do our taskings while the radio was quiet and en route whilst discussing what to have for dinner a very stressed controller shouts our call sign stating "POSSIBLE BURGLARY IN PROGRESS". Again the car gets lit up and the noise goes on and we start making again at speed through traffic. We got to scene very quickly to find an elderly lady had been burgled. It seems 2 lads had knocked her door and then forced there way past her to search the house and take all of a few quid from the house. SCUM.

The only humorous part was the fact the aggrieved called her friends and her neighbours before police making the call some 20 mins old before we were called.

Hopefully SOCO will find something as there is no other witness's, or evidence apart from maybe DNA and fingerprints.

This left me and my crew mate tired and to be honest pissed off with these people who target the elderly, let alone forcing there way past her and searching the property while she is stood there helpless.

I hope we do get SOCO and get these SCUM that did this, no burglary is pleasant and this is aggravated by the aggrieved being elderly prompting thoughts "IF THAT WAS MY NAN ID KNOW WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO THEM".

We know we are not supposed to get personal but i'm sorry, i positively detest these people who choose easy targets for a few quid. But we are only human.

Hopefully we will get something.

Hopefully they will get whats owed to them in some way in the future in a restorative justice kind of way.

Was a good shift all in all, a lot of work done in a short shift, all commitments met and dealt with.

Bet i still get grief for not progressing my own jobs though!

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Anonymous said...

I'd love to see someone break in and try to rush by me to steal me blind. "Hi Mr. Thief, meet Mr. 12 guage or Mr. 1911. Take you're pick, they're both quite excited to meet you."

Too bad more thieves don't meet such an end, it'd solve a lot of problems real quick like.