Thursday, May 18, 2006

So slow its grinding to a halt

It's been a while since i have updated this blog, seems to have been about a month. I guess its because there really hasn't been anything worthy of writing about. Its been a case of same shite different day really.

I have had a few good jobs which i learnt stuff from, like when the helicopter says the subject is below us, don't actually try to walk directly to the helicopter. It took me a good 10 mins+ to get to the subject whom was an ill person who had collapsed in a field. We climbed fences, jogged through fields of horses to get to the bloke. But helicopters don't stay still so we were actually chasing the helicopter by going directly to it. And we also didn't actually realise there was a path to one side that lead directly to him. But thanks to the helicopter crew for pointing that out when we were nearly on top of the subject! Made for a bit of a giggle and they guy was escorted to the ambo and even wrote a thank you letter to us which was nice and make it all worthwhile.

I'm still getting the drink drivers in, actually I'm getting more drink drivers than normal prisoners recently. Which i think is good, but the powers that be think is bad as there is no "Detection" for the force stats in drink driving. And my stats look ok with the arrests but detections are low because of the drink drivers.

I have since applied for Roads Policing but i was rejected on my paper application as i didn't have long enough in service. Which is interesting as the requirements that they posted meant i was within the limits, but hey ho i guess there is always next time and now I'm working on my Traffic skills more than anything else, but this will soon start to affect everything else.

I mean its not as if we have any quality jobs with bodies on the end of them. Its been like this for the last few months and i cant quite understand why as its just been poor. Assaults called in days after the assault. Thefts with no offenders or CCTV or SOCO. Its bloomin silly at the moment.

Its that bad that i can go out and do proactive work and not get a single thing, not even Friday nights as there are no fights reported at the time, no public order, nothing and it makes the night drag.

Role on summer when hopefully we will be busy dealing with some proper jobs, with offenders on the end.

Is it just my force or is this country wide, are we all in a lull before the storm??


Lee said...

Same here in the mids mate. Its all rather Q on the front line everywhere at the mo. which could be a good thing or a bad thing. we will see. I suppose after all the action of last year G8, riots in Brum that we had we are still on the wind down here.

Linz said...

Ah, it's all become clear - thankyou! I've reported a drink-driver, who incidentally is a friend of mine, no less than five times. I've phoned the Police (non-emergency number) and given them all his details but not once has he been stopped. I don't blame the Police, as they already have plenty to be going on with in my area. I did wonder why it wasn't a priority to catch drink-drivers though - especially ones who have their 9 year old daughter in the car with them. If it doesn't count as a 'detection' though, it makes a little more sense. Still, it's a sad state to be in. I hope you continue chasing drink-drivers, regardless.