Thursday, March 22, 2007

Law Enforcement Forum (US)

As some may have seen i have added a new link to the sidebar to a US site called Online Police Forum.

The site manager emailed me asking for suggestions to get his site into the wider community and to try and get a worldwide selection of police officers posting on the site.

Over there there is a section for UK police to post in and discuss varying items and tactics and compare what we do here to what they do there.

I have started to post over there and it certainly seems that it is worthwhile discussing stuff as to be honest here we go through the same motions with similar content. At least on that site there will be a more "new" style to posts and threads.

Its certainly worth a look and posting there.

Look forward to chatting to anyone that decides to go and join up and post about the UK policing style.


Jake said...

Very nice, I'll be checking this out soon..!

Anonymous said...

Take a look and read at this. Chicago Police Officer responds to a disturbacne by himself and shoots and kills and unarmed citizen with absolutely no cause. The Chicago Police Department then attempts to conceal the murder. The video and the accompanying article explain it all in depth. What are your comments in the UK?