Thursday, March 22, 2007

End of the year

This blog has been running for about 2 years now i think and even though my posts have varied from ranting about how bad the job is to some of the fun times we get to have out there doing the job, i have enjoyed posting up the majority of the content.

Its been good to look back and see what i have been up to as to be honest i have forgotten alot of the fun stuff i have done over the last year or so and it brings a smile to my face.

This has been the first year of me doing PDR (yawn), being a response driver, trying to get into traffic, doing my SGTS exam and being a tutor. Oh and im apparently getting a commendation for saving someones life.

Its been a big change for me coming off the PDP system and actually being a police officer rather than trying to screw the competencies to get signed off as confirmed in post. I was talking to a crew mate one night and likened finishing PDP with someone flicking a switch in your head to become a real copper.

I have also read my mates blogs and kept tabs on what they are up to and its good to see that from being all nervous when we joined to the majority of us doing some good stuff and having fun.

In reality, in the last year i have had a really good time. Yeah the paperwork gets you down, the CPS having no balls and the courts having all the power of a toothless pit bull, all bark and no action. But there has been a great deal of fun out there.

Some cracking jobs, good nicks and some really funny shifts.

Quite a bit of fighting, a few chases both by car and on foot. New kit, more forms, more policies and less discretion.

But the job is what you make it. I choose to make it a good time and enjoy it.

Hopefully things will still improve and there is still fun to be had.

After all you cant do this job unless you have a sense of humour!

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