Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Well as some readers may be aware i was considering doing my skippers exams.

Well after much thinking i decided to do the application forms and send them off to HR.

A bit of checking and it was decided that yeah they have authorized the application and i should get some exam papers sent to me to register for the exam next year.

Part of the reason for this is the fact i have 5 years to complete the workplace based assessments. Part 1 is the exam and to become a substantive sgt you have to be assessed over the course of a year (Pt2).

Also if i pass Pt1 then i can be an acting skipper with all the rights and privileges without doing pt 2.

Part of the reason for doing the paperwork is the support i have had from a few people who out of the blue came up to me saying "are you doing your Pt1 because you would be a good skipper" my own skipper has been hinting at me to apply which has been good and give me confidence in doing it.

Downside is i don't want to be a full skipper just yet as i don't really want to be stuck behind a desk. As you know my goal lies with being a traffic officer, but this will hopefully assist in strengthening my application in the future.

I also re read my failed paper application the other day and looked at the feed back. If you recall at the time i was a but peeved at being rejected but the comments from the Chief were quite good really, stating that i was a strong applicant with a good application but he felt i needed more experience on shift before going forward. This all in all has made me feel better about the whole thing and hopefully my career may be going somewhere rather than dealing with crap day in day out. I still have a great deal of fun on shift and don't want to leave but i guess unless you keep trying you ll stay where you are and never get anywhere.

Also i have had some good feedback as i am becoming known to RPD for some of the stuff i do. But you are only as good as your last job and for all the good stuff you do, people only remember the bad things!

But i guess the moral of this is, if you want something bad enough then keep trying and plugging away.

This job has its bad sides, but it also has its great sides, best job in the world and all that. Besides it gives you the best stories to tell people over a beer.

And also make a difference to peoples lives in a way no matter how small.

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Arksos said...

Great Post, Real positive attitude, Glad you keept on trying and sounds like you got great bunch of colleagues supporting you.

Good luck :)