Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Well, what a crap month it's been for policing in general.

I don't know about anyone else out there but every job i have attended has been shite. Even public order stuff has been on the slow side with no real incidents of disorder.

I have a docket full of crap jobs i can't get rid of, why....
Well part of the problem is we don't have enough officers on shift to be able deal with the incoming work so we have to drop our own enquiries so we can attend the incoming jobs on the system.

This leads to our own jobs getting smellier and smellier as we cant progress them, we then have to extend bail to enable us to get the enquiries done!

The other part is the whole management thing at the moment. We are still under pressure to hit targets which we are all failing badly at right now, again this is down to the low shift numbers, being unable to redeploy to jobs as we are stuck with a non starter generating paperwork and a general moral draining set of circumstances.

To top it all off out duties department have refused all leave we are applying for and say "sorry but you cant carry it all over" Oh but we require you to work on your rest days to cover other low staffed shifts.

There is no time to relax from work, let alone see families at the moment due to the long hours and frequent recalls to duty.

It's a no win situation at the moment, hence why i haven't posted for a while.

But on a lighter note, a funny thing happened to me the other day (well was funny to me)

We went to a fear for welfare type job at an elderly residents house.

No answer at the door so off i wander to find an open window so i can climb in, Aha, an open window.

Check that its still part of the same house and yeah, looks bout right.

So in i climb and go to the front door to let me colleagues into the house.

I open the front door and get a funny look from the other officers, i look around and see that they are banging on next doors house.

Shit, as i slyly close the front door hoping no one saw me, i had climbed into the next doors house and opened their front door.

Cue lots of laughing and piss taking.

That was actually quite funny and really made my shift, its times when the silliest of things happen that make you laugh and enjoy the job.

I was also thinking bout doing my sgts exams, hmmm £10k pay rise for me if i become a skipper, but will it take me too far from what i do actually love doing??

Answers on a post card, or alternatively the comments box!

Cheers all,



Another Constable said...

Take the exams at the first opportunity. You still don't need to seek promotion and the exam pass is good for 3-5 years depending on your force, so you will have plenty of time to seek promotion without having to hurry.

I finish my probation in 2 weeks. I have already applied (and been supported by my line managers and area commander) to take the Sgt's exams in May. I will then plan on 18 months to 2 years of experience gathering and work based assessments, so that I can aim for promotion after 4 years service

Anonymous said...

the bad part of skippering is that you do lose some of the fun that you get as a pc. Depends on where you end up. Often the jobs are the same but there really is an added weight of responsibility which does take the shine off things. There are moments to it, if you stay on team at any rate (I've just been pulled off- w******rs), but they don't come along as often as a Pc, because you're not as involved in the day-day stuff. You're too busy organising and doing PDR crap.

If you're happy on response team, yeah go for it. If you want to go play in specialist roles, don't.

Good luck! And don't think of the money!