Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Police Force Mergers

It has been well reported about the Home Office Review on merging Police Forces from 43 to about 12 forces because of "Operational Resilience".

A number of forces have already rejected the proposals and some are welcoming them this seems to be a step away from community policing that was on the agenda a while ago and a move towards national policing.

I wish they would make up their minds what they want us to do. Of course terrorism is a big thing on the agenda and affects us all and that is the key to the national policing idea, sharing intel and acting on information as well as responding to the incident. It seems to have worked well so far for us but we are a big force, its just a shame the government haven't a clue what really happens, we need to be able to share more intelligence to combat serious and organised crime but we also need to deal with Johnny Chav who wants to steal your car. Bigger forces will help Serious and organised crime but will it help stop the TWOCCER?

The answer is NO.

What would you prefer we deal with stop the things that stop you going about your business like anti social behaviour, theft of your car etc or say sorry but all our officers are dealing with high level crime.

I agree that we need to deal with high level crime but lets not loose focus here we are meant to serve and protect the public from drug dealers, little shits that want to smash your windows and burgle your house.

I'm sure that's what you would want us to do rather than not be there to prevent or detect the offence.

Comments please!

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steveg said...


Darn right we do - of course serious crime and terrorism are important dangers to society, and rightly the police have to be aware and investigate these things, but what the public really wants is to be able to get on with their life in a normal manner and not feel intimidated to leave their home after dark. We want the little shits (as you so eloquently put it!) who steal or damage or cars and/or property to be strung up by the balls (or tits, depending on gender) and not told they are naughty boys and don't do it again. We want to feel that if we are scared or feel in danger we can "call in the US cavalry" (you guys) and get a response.

Your feeling are spot on right mate - keep saying it