Sunday, February 13, 2005

Results of Sunday

Well i was kind of there today.

My person turned up to be nicked but 2nd person (his GF) wants to arrange another date if need be. He made partial admissions so will be CPS advice hence i didnt get the charging or files done as it was a sunday.
I DID get my Gen12 file done for the disqual driver.
I DID get my PND completed and submitted (it may come back to me for additonal work though!)
I DID get my PDP review done.
I DIDNT get a full file done that i was meant to do the other week.
And i DIDNT get my DD File done.

Not too bad really considering it was a short shift and i was still kinda reactive, luckily it was fairly Q today.

Back to nights for a couple of shifts now.

Saturday, February 12, 2005

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New sidebar website

I found this website / blog ages ago and it was the one that inspired me to write my own, Well worth a visit.

Its interesting to see the similarities between forces whomever Copperfield Works for!

Been a while

It's been a while since i last posted anything on here, mainly because i have been on a operation for the past 3 weeks or so, so i have been working long hours and haven't really has alot of time to come onto the internet and post updates.

Well now i am back rejoining my shift and not looking forward to earlies on sunday but the last 3 weeks has been fun and given half a chance i would possibly do it perminantly rather than on an attachment. The Op shows what can be achieved by have resources avaliable to deploy at the drop of a hat, as on reactive shifts we are not allowed to redeploy unless there is a 00 shout (officer in personal danger) .

This resulted in maybe 3 double crewed cars being on scene within a matter of minutes on report of a Burglary in progress or robbery etc. This resulted in alot of people arrested for there offences whereas usually they may get away due to the lack of resources comming to contain an area. And it has an impact as these units when not responding are patroling and turning over people in high crime areas, basically putting out the message "WE ARE HERE AND IF YOU ARE UP TO NO GOOD THEN WE WILL FIND OUT" which has an effect on the numbers of people actually out on the streets. Meaning anyone who would be on there way to commit crime or comming back from crime seem to not want to bother either because (a) affraid to get caught with gear on them or (b) already in nick for commiting crimes.

As a result, Burglaries dropped, Robberies dropped and Theft of and from Motor vehicles dropped. All good just a shame this was concentrated on one area and not every area. But things are changing and hopefully for the better, we shall see in the next financial year if the promisies are kept on behalf of the force and the govenment, (bear in mind an election is due).

But.. Good news this week.

We work to detection rates, ie crime reported then investigated. If a person is cautioned, charged or summons issued then the crime is detected and looks good for the force.

We used to have to get 3 detections a month per officer which is not as easy as it sounds when if 2 officers are in a crew and one makes an arrest, both officers deal for the majority of the shift, but only one detection for one officer.

Now there are no detection rates per officer until April when we switch to team targets which will probably equate to 3 detections per month per officer, just a different way of putting it really. But this time round there can be more pressure on us as some do not hit the 3 per month, but others hit 6 - 8 a month so could breed resentment in the long term.

We shall see the outcome especially as shift sgts have started printing off sheets comparing all officers on a shift listing arrests and detections for a period! for personal development of course and definately not a league table!

Well in 3 weeks on this op i have had shed loads of fun being able to do what i joined to do.... Chasing the bad guys, harassing the bad guys, and arresting the bad guys.

I went on many immediate jobs (one in a traffic car which i have the video of which was enjoyed tremendously).
Made quite a few arrests.
Annoyed alot of dodgey people (well they should get a job and not be so dodgey the shouldent they).
Worked long hours.
And considering we dont deal with the paperwork, still managed to get 2 detections thanks to someone who didnt know when to shut up, and a disqulaified driver.

I managed to get a drunk and incapable driver who went to blood test who was over on blood so he will be getting charged and the file done for him!

So all i need to do Sunday is:
Gen12 file for driving whilst disqual.
Penatly notice for disorder paperwork for the guy who wouldent shut up.
DD file for my drunk driver.
A full file i should have done last week for an ABH which will probably only be a common assault.
Arrest 2 people who should hopefully turn up at the nick to see me.
Interview and hopefully charge then do the files.
And do a review for my PDP (i'll explain the PDP another time)