Sunday, February 13, 2005

Results of Sunday

Well i was kind of there today.

My person turned up to be nicked but 2nd person (his GF) wants to arrange another date if need be. He made partial admissions so will be CPS advice hence i didnt get the charging or files done as it was a sunday.
I DID get my Gen12 file done for the disqual driver.
I DID get my PND completed and submitted (it may come back to me for additonal work though!)
I DID get my PDP review done.
I DIDNT get a full file done that i was meant to do the other week.
And i DIDNT get my DD File done.

Not too bad really considering it was a short shift and i was still kinda reactive, luckily it was fairly Q today.

Back to nights for a couple of shifts now.

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