Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Driving 2

Well, only a few days into being able to drive marked cars - No blues, No Twos, and no stopping cars.

Has been good fun if not an experience seeing how other drivers react to you. They either slow right down, or give way to you.

Had a run out on nights and have to admit couldent resist using the emergency equipment of some dark empty roads and to assist with some overtaking when it was safe to do so en-route to immediate jobs.

Had a manic set of nights, running immediate to immediate for up to 5 - 6 hrs straight. All shit jobs, all hyped up but no paperwork with copious use of form CUFF1 as my mate says on another blog.

But i am glad the run of nights are over, its been mad with groups of kids hanging around untill 6am in town, i mean what the hell are they doing?? Do they not have parents??

Absolute pain in the arse, gobby as well and tend to try and gang up on you and outnumber you. Dont really work though as i just get on with the job and keep their mates detained for longer. Hey im paid to be out at 6am and i have a car to drive about in.
They aint getting paid and seem to be out of breath playing hide and seek with me!

Ah the joys of warm evenings and school holidays - they should all be locked up when it gets dark and not alowed back out untill they are older!

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