Wednesday, March 23, 2005


Well i have driven unmarked cars now for a few weeks covering areas while we have had 2 marked cars out and about. All good fun but we had been doing Immediate jobs with no emergency warning equipment and no backing if it goes wrong, which is a bad situation to be in as the driver.
I have a choice do i 1) do my best to get to the victim and get the offender or 2) obey all rules and let the bad guy get away or the victim unsupported while they wait 10 mins while i am sat at traffic lights.
Hmmm. well i generally go for option 1 if possible but making sure i dont place myself in danger nor the public and dont crash.
I am about to get a basic course soon to enable me to drive a panda and maybe stop cars but thats the limits of the course...... better than nothing and the public can see a marked car floating about rather that a plane dark corsa that goes unnoticed.
Well will see how i get on and let you know how many other rules i can break in doing my job effectively.

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