Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Update Pt 2

Since my last post is a bit negative, we have had some bloody good fun out there as well.

I got into a nice Pursuit, did all the commentary and driving, kept with the car and caught the driver (well my crew mate did that bit)

All good fun and got me some really good feedback which is all good.

Lasted for about 15 mins or so and went everywhere and anywhere, good job it was over night. Car was nicked and 3 up. Quite a good result as my last pursuit ended somewhat differently with me being rammed and injured.

See thats what i love about the job, we just happen to come across it and gave chase. Proper road wars type, all i needed was the voice of Sheriff John Burnell in the background and it would have been perfect.

We have had some cool jobs really, and to be honest i cant remember them all. Many of which have been a good laugh and good for team work.

Its a shame that the managers don't see that side of the job, the side where we give the Scroats a good run for there money and the public are happy.

"did you find my car"
"yes we chased it for ages, and caught the driver"
"really! you actually chased it and caught someone!!"

And to boot the CPS actually gave some cracking charging advice! No extra work and some nice charges.

For some reason, the job went well from start to finish, lets just hope the mags keep up with it and dish out some proper deterrent sentence to this scrote to prevent his mates who are all at it from doing it again.

Scrote that was arrested has no doubt done it before and never got caught!

And we all live happily ever after!

Well we did,
Dunno about the scrote.

Update Pt 1

It's been quite a while since my last update here, It's mainly because of Christmas and the like, you know how it is, everything starts to get busy at work, then i spend ages trying to do Christmas shopping (thanks Amazon) and then seeing family.

I managed to get my OSPRE PT 1 application sorted following some cock ups on the part of the force. My application form went astray and it was only by me chasing my registration paperwork that i found out. Fortunately i managed to go to our training center and fill in the form and all is well.

I just need to do some revision now which i am struggling to find time for. Its been a few years since i passed out of Ryton and did exams so im a little bit out of practice. Hopefully be able to squeeze some in over nights.

We have been fairly busy on and off over the past month, mainly with some pretty poor jobs that seem to take an age to sort out. I suspect this is partly to the way we record crime now (seeing as we have been using the same set of rules for ages they keep changing how it is recorded). We are now spending ages bottoming out jobs that are never going anywhere but senior management have decreed we are below on our detection targets so every possibility must be explored. This in turn means we spend more hours on jobs and less time on patrol. It wouldn't be so bad but with some jobs you know it is not going anywhere but we still need EVERY statement and not just the evidential ones before a job can be filed (we used to be able to record witness details and brief account on computers) but now its a full on MG11.

I guess i have become resigned to the fact i can do proactive stuff anymore nor go on patrol as we are too busy doing the paperwork. ( i have been fighting this for ages and still do my best to do proactive stuff).

Has it made any difference.....

Yes recorded crime has increased.
Detection rate has dropped.
Less proactive policing.
More paperwork.

So either way you look at it in 6 months we will get slated from the managers. Crime has gone up what are you doing about it, i want more targeted patrols!

All good fun, i don't get stressed over it anymore. I'm not paid enough to worry about stuff like that!

Maybe we should all resign and come back as PCSO's!